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Brand Design

Creating identity systems, logos, and imagery to help brands stand out and create a lasting impact


a case study

The Client :

A pop up concept store whose product brands and location change up to four times per year named brandnew.

Target Consumer :

Trendy 15 - 45 year olds who appreciate how quickly our digital world changes, but still desire the tactility of a physical store.

creative design concept
creative design direction

Design Concept :

Liquid takes the form of any new shape; it washes away the old and brings in the new. Fluid, reflective and shiny. Fresh paint. Spring showers.

Design Direction :

Fluid. Movement. Shiny. Black & white with spring pastel colors. Round friendly shapes, with quick impact.

web design for creative business


logo typography design


strategic graphic design

Pattern 1

grafisk formgivare

Pattern 2

Icon 2

design illustration illustrator

Icon 1

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